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After hearing about the new online venture from a co-worker, I decided to give it a try. Billed as a combination of YouTube, Twitter and Formspring — the latter being a service I never quite warmed up to — I figured it might be interesting to try out its angle on connecting people to subject matter experts. Essentially, the site allows anybody to create a video profile page and then solicit questions from anyone and everyone. Want to ask former MTV host¬†Dave Holmes a question about the whacky VJ Jesse Camp, he’s on VYou. Curious when the last time was that filmmaker Kevin Smith had a smoke? Ask him on VYou.

An interesting mix of well-known figures and the typical Facebook crowd, has created interesting potential for audience engagement. Ignoring the personal and somewhat unfiltered users, there is an opportunity for companies to create a profile and provide video answers to inquiring minds. Why not have a Broadway show get its actors to sit down after or before a performance and answer a few questions from the fans? Putting video into the equation makes it slightly more personal — at least in theory — than a simple Tweet.

On that note, should you have any questions to throw my way — I’m willing to talk about personal or showbiz stuff — feel free to check out my VYou profile. Could be interesting.

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