‘Bones’ Star Eric Millegan Outs Self as Bipolar

Fans of Fox’s hit show ‘Bones’ probably remember Eric Millegan as the awkward Zack Addy, a co-worker of Dr. Brennan with a penchant for serial killing. Millegan’s character turned out to be working for a cannibal before getting caught in the act. No matter the gruesome nature of his role on ‘Bones,’ Millegan was a rather fun guy to be around. I had the pleasure interviewing him right before his Los Angeles cabaret debut back in 2007 and was impressed with his musical theatre roots.

I’m now impressed more so with Millegan after reading an interview the actor did for The Huffington Post in which he candidly talks about his rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. The name along sounds frightening. It turns out Millegan has been struggling with this illness since his move to Los Angeles.

There were times when I was going through hell inside, but people on the outside didn’t necessarily notice. [So], I was able to press forward. I remember at the up-fronts for ‘Bones’ the very first season, I was going through a nasty episode. With me, everything gets very, very quick in my chest, everything really hurts, and everything’s really fast, and I was on the verge of tears, and I even had to excuse myself so I could leave and cry my eyes out.

Millegan also took to YouTube and outed himself as a bipolar sufferer with two video confessionals.

Since my interview with Millegan ran long before Sofa Snark launched I thought it would be the right moment to post that video feature. So, here’s the video I shot of Millegan talking about his musical theatre background, moving out to Los Angeles for ‘Bones’ and singing cabaret. Make sure to watch all the way through for clips of his performance.

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