Broadway Needs a Swift Kick in the App

It's time for arts-related mobile apps to get micro, right down to the seat you're sitting in, and extend the storytelling experience through second screens. Mobile app developers have pushed the boundaries of ways users can extend their experience with entertainment content.

10 Questions for Erica Moss

I recently took part in a Q&A for Erica Moss, a fellow journalist turned digital marketer that I "met" on Twitter. It was a mutual fascination with reality television that first got us chatting. Outside of her professional work, Erica runs a blog that includes a series of posts featuring various digital people.

The Future of Playbills Rests in the iPad

Should Playbill, or any Broadway publication, be able to move beyond the mantra of "If you build it they will come," and focus its energy on creating an interactive, visually appealing, and interesting to manipulate iPad publication, future theatergoers will have something to look forward to while attending a show. Not everything Broadway-related has to be targeted towards the blue-haired matinee ladies.

Changing My Twitter Handle, a Stressful Situation

But, since my time as a Columbia University graduate student is long over, I no longer see the need to brand myself as a "columbia" kind of guy. My tweets are 90% entertainment based since I work as an entertainment journalist, not a trait easily associated with Columbia's journalism program.

Perez Hilton & Will.I.Am in Twitter Brawl

Twitter has come to the forefront of mainstream media over the last two weeks following the political uprising in Iran. As an election became suspect of fraud, many Iranians took to Twitter so they could organize meetings and tell the world what was happening.