Zachary Quinto TwitPic Heard Around the Web

Have I finally turned into a creature so vile that I typically can’t stand to look at? The dreaded and oh-so-annoying Hollywood enemy, the paparazzi. If you happen to spot a picture of ‘Heroes‘ and ‘Star Trek’ star Zachary Quinto watching U2’s concert in Los Angeles last week and thought, “who would snap such an unwelcome photo of a celebrity?” I will man up and admit that it was me. (PopWrap | Just Jared | | | DailyZQPhoto)

Yes, the man who has no desire to ever be a celebrity hound, nonchalantly uploaded a couple photos of Quinto and an unnamed “guy pal” to Twitter. And that photo wound up hitting the web before the concert was out.

At first I felt bad about it and wondered if Quinto would check his iPhone — which he was using to take photos of the concert — and see a picture of his backside then realize it was me that took it. That would have been an awkward glance back.

Seeing how I already invaded Qunito’s privacy with a Twitpic or two, I won’t reveal whether or not I saw him partaking in a little something that was getting passed around by the surrounding concertgoers. I still need to get the smell out of my jacket.

On a side note, congratulations to U2 for making YouTube history with the most watched streaming event on the video hosting website. As always, the concert was amazing — especially live and in person.

Zachary Quinto at U2 Zachary Quinto and Guy Pal


  1. You could have made the smart decision and kept your camera phone in your pocket. Or decided not to upload the pics to Twitter (of all places, my gawd). And why even mention the dope being passed around? Sheesh. Talk about making a bad situation worse.

    You have become the enemy you so decry. You are now an official pap.

  2. Why even ask? Of course you are a paparazzi. Worse, they don’t deny what they are. Would you have snapped a pic of a random person sitting at a concert and posted it on a public venue, including insinuations about any person sitting in the general vicinity, or the snide little comment about what may or may not have happened at the concert?

    Of course not. It would be considered an invasion of privacy. That doesn’t change when the person is in a movie. And those who invade the privacy of celebrities for a little publicity, well…

    That’s what a paparazzi is.

    Welcome to their club.

  3. Dude,

    Don’t let those better than thou ZQ fans get the best of you. Not all of his fans (including me) are that uptight about pics of him in his off time. The paps who hang around his neighborhood in Silver Lake are real paps, you are just a U2 fan who happened to catch Quinto at a show. He was at the Rose Bowl which last I heard was a public venue, so it’s not like you were photographing him having a threesome in the privacy of his bedroom. You did nothing wrong. I do have to tell you this, some of those who slam the paps still look at the pap photos of Quinto anyway, so they are hypocrites and they know who they are. To be honest I think a lot of them were freaked out that he was with a guy at that show, instead of a girl, and this is just part of the negative reaction to the photos. He’s rumored to be gay and a lot of the holier than thou fangirls can’t handle it. Sucks to be them I guess.

    As for what was passed around, there are rumors he smokes the mary jane from time to time so that’s no surprise *wink*.

  4. Well, hardly ever have I seen such obnoxious hypocrisy contained in so few paragraphs. Congratulations, you just managed to make me dislike you on priciple.

  5. I think all of this is amusing. I wonder what Spock would say.

  6. Just to set the record straight, not all ZQ fangirls are as nuts as the ones who posted above. Those chicks need a serious reality check. If I was at the same concert in the same general area, I’d do the same damned thing and snap some photos of him. I’d also upload them too cuz if I didn’t, then I’d be accused of either lying about seeing him or be accused of being selfish for not sharing the ZQ love. LOL As for the guy being gay, he very well may be. I’ve met him a few times and didn’t get that vibe but who knows anymore. Either way, the guy is cool by me and I enjoy his talent. Thanks for the photos by the way. They’re appreciated by many(even the lil naysayers who preach about protecting his privacy).

  7. The pictures hitting the web, I didn’t mind. Public venue and all. This article, and last paragraph in particular?

    Classy. Just classy.

  8. Actually, it wasn’t, once again, snapping the pic. That was something that a lot of people might do. As for ‘lying if I claimed to have saw him’, well, first, if you show it to your friends, that is one thing. Uploading it onto a public site is quite another.

    He’s a journalist. I don’t think most people would be too surprised or doubtful that he, unlike the rest of us, saw a celebrity at a concert. Nor should he be so concerned that someone believes him or not.

    And no, it has not one thing to do with who he was ‘with’ at the show. First, sitting next to a person doesn’t make you ‘with’ them. Secondly, it was a concert, not a makeout session. Finally, I really don’t care, nor do I think it is my business who he dates anyway.

    Finally, public venue or not, do you want random strangers snapping pictures of you when you’re out and about and broadcasting them to the world in general? I don’t care if it is Quinto, or Britney Spears (a celeb I do NOT like). Unless they are doing something wrong, or if they are in venues where they are the ones pursuing the attention (press conferences, meet and greets, etc), a person, even if they make a movie, should have the right to some privacy.

    It isn’t about hanging around the neighborhood that makes someone a paparazzi. Last I checked, the streets in front of your house are ‘public’ too. If it isn’t private property, it is public.

    Is it ok for someone to snap pictures of you walking out to take your trash to the dumpster, just because a street is a ‘public venue’? It is taking unasked for photos of people (generally famous) and using them to, in some way, profit. And yes, when you make your living in gossip, publicity IS profit. You don’t have to receive a paycheck for the photo.

    So, by definition, yes, he acted as a paparazzi.

  9. And yes, the very existence of this article pretty much means he knows he did. Kind of like Nixon’s ‘I am NOT a crook.’

    And just about as convincing.

  10. Umm…just in case you don’t know the definition of the word “paparazzi” here’s the dictionary definition:

    “a freelance photographer, esp. one who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication.”

    “A freelance photographer who doggedly pursues celebrities to take candid pictures for sale to magazines and newspapers.”

    I highly doubt the guy who took the photos figured people(fangirls) would get upset by him taking a photo of Zach. He was probably just as thrilled as anyone of us to be able to be that close to Zach and snapped a couple pictures as proof. Hell, I’d do the same thing! LOL

    As for celebs and their “privacy”, nowadays it’s a moot point. If you’re anyone in the entertainment business, you’re fair game. It’s just what it is and has been for a very long time. I highly doubt anything is going to change in regards to paparazzi-celeb interactions. If an actor wants to protect his privacy, dont get into the entertainment biz…plain and simple. I don’t agree with some of the things the paparazzi do to get their photos but they’re people too who make their living by taking photos of celebs. People getting angry over something that can’t be changed is just a waste of time. JMO

  11. Actually, freelance photographer is anyone who takes a picture who isn’t on staff. Which he did.

    As for publication, that’s exactly what he did. He published it on Twitter, where it was picked up by several gossip publications.

    As I said, taking the picture isn’t so much the issue. It was PUBLISHING it on a public venue. Not emailing it to a few friends, showing it to his relatives, but putting it not on any Twitter account, but the Twitter account linked to his professional journalist site that you can access by linking the menu bar to the right of this very page.

    That put it a touch beyond what you and I would (or could) do when seeing a celebrity out and about.

    Secondly, just because many people would do it doesn’t mean that anyone should do it. We do tons of things these days, from reality tv shows, to shouting private cellphone conversations in the middle of movies, that we shouldn’t.

    But all this argument is based on what this man is denying that he is, a paparazzi. Nobody is saying they are going away, nobody even is saying that they should be illegal. But most people, including the journalist himself, calls them ‘slime’. Its his rather passive-aggressive denial (Hey, I’m not a person who makes a profit by snapping candid shots of celebrities, even if I am doing that very thing by writing this post and stirring the ‘controversy’ further) that is in dispute.

    He is a freelance photographer, he isn’t on a payroll, and he snapped a picture that was published. This was a ‘candid’ picture, in that it was a picture that wasn’t posed, nor was agreed to, and I think we can all agree that ZQ is a celebrity.

  12. Do I think it is a big deal no. Would I have done it no, and don’t think much of you for doing it, sorry had to be honest, LOL, but I am not obsessed with celebs and my parents taught me right and wrong I respect my rights and others period. However I don’t see any reason for it to be a big deal. What you would do and what I would do are not the same.

    As for the two groups going to war over it and poor Mr. Quinto. RME.

    There is no more high and might group then the side that admits they aren’t into his acting because other wise they wouldn’t say things like he should give up eating, making a living, acting, if he doesn’t want them obsessed with his pics on the internet this is the same group that they badly need him to be gay LOL because clearly it does matter to them LOL if it didn’t they wouldn’t be trashing him/his fans and talking about it all time. The term fangurl is also a scream RME. Seriously Oh my God an actor has fangurls? no I am shocked. Get off the high horse with the term since aren’t you all the same thing? someone looking at a pic of the guy online and admitting they care so much about it is a fangurl. This is America, nothing in the bill of rights says Mr. Quinto have to give up eating due to some cough fans who appear to want him to do so, because they are in this for pap pic and over some dumb war over who he is doing, and not because they think he has talent and or wish him well. He isn’t doing anyone in either camp so all can get over it.

    The other side that wants him not be gay, LOL as if it affects them personally. Even if he isn’t he isn’t going to date anyone on here. That group wants him to give up his right to be private- which is his right, and hang with them online LOL. They bitch all the time about wanting him to be on twitter and facebook with them, and tell them about his life and which girl he is dating LOL. Which he is smart enough not to. Not matter who he is dating. So what leg do they have to stand on complaining when you invade the man’s space.

    This is America and I am not obsessed with anyone, least of all celebs. Mr. Quinto has a right to go anywhere in America with anyone he wants, and yes good taste and sense suggest Freedom only works when we respect it for others we ensure it for ourselves. I have a life so I don’t need to have pap pics of ZQ to give me a life. I personally love my own freedon and life so would have enjoyed the concert, been amused Spock was there and left him alone as I would want to be left alone but that is me. I paid to go the concert no way would I be so celeb obsessed to be taking his pic.

    So I hope you spent some of the night actually listening to music you paid to hear. I hope he had a great time, with as many guys, gals, and joints as he wanted, and hope he continues acting, and ignore his so called fans RME.

  13. Of course, there are also people who can BE fans, not be concerned with his sexual orientation on either side, and neither insist that he should accept being hounded by paparrazi OR be required to make his personal life fodder on twitter or myspace.

    I prefer the idea that someone can be in entertainment and be able to live a sane life that might insure they remain productive, creative, and sane. No matter how entertaining it may be to hear about another stressed star in rehab, drunk, arrested, or indecently exposing themselves, how many of those stars are actually (while doing so) actually doing anything professionally worth watching or listening to? I prefer to know about Quintos, or Spears or Lohans or (insert celeb here) next project than who they may be dating, what their sexual orientation is, or watching them walk their dog.

    Very rarely are all people so easily divided into two convenient categories.

  14. I know exactly what you’re writing about. I’m going through the same thing currently… Thank you for sharing!

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