Live Blogging/Tweeting the Golden Globes

It would be impossible for me to keep from live blogging/tweeting the Golden Globes. So, please enjoy my random snark, Hollywood style:

Live Tweeting the Golden Globes

Storified by James Sims· Sun, Jan 13 2013 20:56:41

Ah, the #GoldenGlobes: Hollywood’s version of the Jr. prom, when TV stars get to act like movie stars.James Sims
Loving Lucy "Wallpaper" Liu’s dress… #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Do Showtime and HBO execs focus more on award counts or #Shameless, #Girls, and #Californication premiere ratings? #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
.@lenadunham rocks the pixie cut better than Anne Hathaway tonight. Score one for the TV star category. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
@MTVNews More likely that she was feeling awkward that Roker was at boob level during the interview… #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Comment from the peanut gallery: "Natalie [Morales], you should have worn chicken cutlets." #GoldenGlobes Sims
What Denzel Washington meant to say on NBC: "If you search YouTube for ‘drunk,’ you’ll see a lot of…[David Hasselhoff]." #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Dear #GoldenGlobes viewers: Don’t tweet each winner as they’re named. We can cut duplication in our feeds by, oh, 900%Andrew Wallenstein
Didn’t expect Sally Field to be rocking one of the deepest neck lines on the red carpet tonight. #peachpit #goldenglobesJames Sims
@DavidsUniverse Actually wasn’t watching E! tonight. Giving the #TodayShow a chance.James Sims
Tina Fey = stunning. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Was Amy Poehler passed over for the lead in Titanic long ago? Delivered quite a knockout to James Cameron. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Mandy Patinkin as the official #GoldenGlobes musical clips judge? Yes, please!James Sims
TV fans, keep in mind: success for TV folks at #GoldenGlobes is about getting nominated. TV winners chosen by film critics rarely make senseEric Deggans
Every time I see Sarah Paulson I get annoyed that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was canceled. #goldenglobesJames Sims
Not sure what’s funnier: Amy Poehler’s fake teeth or Arnold Schwarzenegger leering over her shoulder. #GoldenGlobes Sims
#Homeland spoiler alert: Damian Lewis is British. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Salma Hayek sums up the night: "Something about the best, uh…" #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
We are 40 mins into the show and have reached over 2MM #GoldenGlobes related Tweets in the past 24 hours!Twitter TV
#LesMiz clip, check. Mandy Patinkin reaction show, nope. Get with it, #GoldenGlobes.James Sims
Pop-up ads for an NBC show during the #GoldenGlobes. Aren’t these awards shows enough of a commercial?James Sims
Wait, is Kevin Costner giving a retirement speech? Someone get him a gold watch. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Bill Clinton now tossing to a clip reel? It’s tough out there for a presidential pimp. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
#GoldenGlobes: When former SNL actors remind you they were too good for that little sketch show.James Sims
Zing. Meryl Streep is spitting her flu at Jennifer Lawrence right now. "I beat Meryl!" #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Quentin Tarantino delivering a little master class on screenwriting during his acceptance speech. Well done. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
A #Smash-ing moment at the #GoldenGlobes: Sims
@DannyZuker House of Lies isn’t Cheadle funny…so there’s that. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
What happens when meat is left in the career dehydrator too long. #GoldenGlobes Sims
@JoshMalina Alas, Lance Armstrong no longer has his #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
You go, #Girl(s)! @lenadunham #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
There is something to be said about a lifetime achievement award recipient that doesn’t need a cane to get onstage. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Save for a Mel Gibson reference, Jodie Foster remains a class act! #GoldenGlobes #tearsJames Sims
Conan O’Brien was invited to appear alongside Jay Leno tonight, but his knife was flagged at security. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Random "woo" at the mention of killing Osama Bin Laden. Did Clinton bring Joe Biden? #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Putting #LesMiz in the "comedy" category just reinforces all of those straight guys’ complaints. #GoldenGlobesJames Sims
Playing off Daniel Day-Lewis as he thanks Steven Spielberg? Hey, #GoldenGlobes, this isn’t 1941.James Sims
#GoldenGlobes ended right as #Girls started again on Showtime. Score! #GetGlue @girlsHBOJames Sims