Star Trek’s Going to be HOT (Video)

While I am in no way a Trekkie, and all offense should be taken by those that are, I have a family link to the science fiction juggernaut. My father, Alan Sims, was the property master on Star Trek The Next Generation and Voyager for 14 years, and during that time I couldn’t help but have a fondness for the Gene Roddenberry saga.

I called those Paramount sets home for many years of my childhood, and so when news broke that J.J. Abrams was going to pick up the franchise I had many reservations. Execs Rick Berman and Brannon Braga really drove it into the ground with the last few feature films.

But when I was sitting in the Ziegfeld movie theater here in New York City awaiting the start of the latest James Bond flick, a preview got my hair to stand up. It was the unveiling of Star Trek’s new teaser, and boy did it get me excited. My inner nerd started running in circles full of anticipation and high hopes.

Today marks the release of the third trailer for Abram’s adaptation, and come May 8th, I will be first in line at the movie theater. Check out the new trailer below, and Trekkie or not, get ready for something hot to hit the big screen.


  1. Wow…though I, too am in no way a Trekkie, that looks pretty good! Did your dad work on the movie at all?

  2. For awhile,I was worried Star Trek was a dying franchise. Then JJ Abrams came along. Nice touch. The scene with kid Kirk was a little too quirky in the movie, nevertheless it was very hot in the movie trailer. Star Trek XI breathed new life into this precious Roddenberry universe. I’d like to see all of this Enterprise cast return for much more outings. I grew up with the first series. Heck, my father got us a color Television just so we could enjoy Star Trek just about every Friday night. Right now, I’m stuck on these new actors. In MHO, they have absolutely breathed life into their characters and made them their own. I, personally, am looking forward to more.

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