Conan O’Brien Debuts, Tweet by Tweet


As Conan O’Brien kicked off his first week hosting The Tonight Show, I decided to live Twitter the debut. From a marathon run from New York City to Los Angeles, President Barack Obama putting world policy debates on hold to discuss Conan, Gwyneth Paltrow inadvertently bad mouthing Coldplay to Ryan Seacret gaying up late night, here are some highlights from my week-long Twitter-fest.

Conan O’Brien rocking my favorite Billy Ocean song, “Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car” on Tonight Show segment. Hooray for Hollywoo.
12:07 AM Jun 2nd from web

Will Ferrell tells Conan that Liza is a “commie”… but she still should win the Tony Award.
12:19 AM Jun 2nd from web

Holy crap… did Obama and Brian Williams really chat about Conan O’Brien? Amazing! Guess the budget didn’t take up that much time.
11:39 PM Jun 2nd from TweetDeck

Tom Hanks wants to see Nathan Lane play Hooch in the “upcoming” Turner & Hooch Broadway musical. Crossing fingers.
12:11 AM Jun 3rd from TweetDeck

Andy Richter is officially a waste of space. Why does this man continue to get opportunities in Hollywood… are 2 failed series not enough?
11:38 PM Jun 3rd from TweetDeck

Jealous. Both Conan O’Brien and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have great DMV pics. My CA driver’s license photo is well, for my eyes only.
12:09 AM Jun 4th from TweetDeck

Conan has officially given the finger to the geezer demographic. Talking about sex appeal of Playboy Bunnies.
12:26 AM Jun 4th from TweetDeck

Conan chats up Broadway once again. Says Larry King’s potential character name in Spiderman the Musical. Dr. Prostate.
11:43 PM Jun 4th from TweetDeck

Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs are shining brighter than Conan did out in the sun in that last segment. Should one powder their legs?
12:05 AM Jun 5th from TweetDeck

Next guest on Conan, Joel McHale. Is he funny? Yes. Is he the best “Soup” host ever? Negative. I still miss Greg Kinnear.
12:20 AM Jun 5th from TweetDeck

John Mayer can’t get too close to children. Keeps them behind a plastic wall while singing “California Dreamin” on Conan.
12:35 AM Jun 5th from TweetDeck

Ryan Seacrest just named dropped Angela Lansbury on The Tonight Show. How cute. And he says he’s not gay.
about 13 hours ago from TweetDeck

Andy Richter’s head looks especially bloated in that puke-green shirt. Fat guy in a little coat.
about 13 hours ago from TweetDeck

Did I really just applaud Patton Oswalt’s balls? Johnny Carson is rolling over in his grave right now.
about 13 hours ago from TweetDeck

Conan is done with first week of The Tonight Show. Celebrity Survey says, he’s getting into the groove. Now if only Leno would disappear.
about 13 hours ago from TweetDeck

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  2. Conan is great no matter where he is. Although I’ll miss him being in New York.

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