Sofa Snark: Hello 90210, Goodbye ER – April 5, 2009

Another week of pop culture madness has passed us by, and what better way to wrap it all up than a new edition of Sofa Snark. It’s a shame I only review prime-time television shows in my weekly video blog, otherwise I would defy the movers and shakers at Fox and give a review of Hugh Jackman’s new film “Wolverine.” Rather… umm… I would relay what a “friend” told me about the “X-men” prequel. Internet leakage is a wonderful thing.

Back to business. This week on Sofa Snark, 90210 returns on the CW and is hotter than ever. Bobby Cannavale takes on Jeremy Piven in Cupid, ER bids a fond farewell to NBC and Terminator ramps back up on Fox in its second to last episode of the season. Other shows covered in this webisode are Gossip Girl, Kings, Lost and Medium.

Enjoy, and make sure to click over to my YouTube channel and rate this video. What does it take to get a video officially deemed viral? I’m sure there’s a pill for that.

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  1. How could that be wrong in any way shape or form you ask? It can’t! I love the new 90210. I dunno if Ethan leaving is really that big of hit to the series. I thought Ethan was an overrated character and now there can a focus on more interesting plots. For example, last night’s episode’s storyline with Dixon/Silver was awesome! I’ve got a clip of all the SIlver/Dixon scenes from last week’s episode on my blog at It also had a great song, “Magic Show” by Electric Owls that plays right before Silver shows her documentary…

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