Shortly after starting at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, I pitched an idea to create a mobile audio experience for the campus. My idea was to give visitors a chance to hear from artists as they stood in front of a particular venue, like Alan Gilbert discussing his role as the leader of the New York Philharmonic. What is it like performing on a stage at Lincoln Center? That was the question each audio story would explain, providing an emotional connection to each venue around campus. Fast forward six months, and that original idea has been realized through a strategic partnership between Lincoln Center and Broadcastr, an app for iPhone and Android that creates intimate and immersive experiences by unlocking audio based on geo-location. I was charged with managing the project and producing nearly a dozen audio stories, each featuring a notable artist connected with Lincoln Center. We managed to arrange interviews with artists from nearly all of the constituents making up Lincoln Center’s campus, including the New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center Theater, the New York Philharmonic, and The Juilliard School. From Elaine Paige and Alan Cumming to Alan Gilbert and Wendy Whelan, we brought stories from artists into the hands (and pockets) of Broadcastr users. Lincoln Center’s “From the Green Room” is now a featured tour in the Broadcastr app and is also accessible through a web interface on

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