Live Tweeting Lincoln Center’s Marvin Hamlisch Tribute

Since 2011, I have been managing the social media for Live From Lincoln Center, the performing arts program airing on PBS. On New Year’s Eve, Live From Lincoln Center broadcast the New York Philharmonic’s tribute to composer Marvin Hamlisch. The all-star concert included performers from Broadway, television, and film. Below is a collection of my live tweeting throughout the broadcast.

Live Tweeting Marvin Hamlisch Tribute on New Year’s Eve

Live From Lincoln Center’s live tweets throughout the New Year’s Eve broadcast on PBS of the New York Philharmonic’s tribute to Marvin Hamlisch.

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Want a preview of tonight’s @marvinhamlisch tribute? Here’s a peek at the stage. Hope you’ll join us on @PBS. #LFLC From LC
What would a @marvinhamlisch tribute be without top hats? Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight on @PBS. #LFLC From LC
We’re checking in on Kelli O’Hara as she prepares for tonight’s @marvinhamlisch tribute. #LFLC From LC
Will you be tweeting during our @MarvinHamlisch tribute featuring @nyphil on @PBS tonight? Make sure to use #LFLC. From LC
Hi there, @BethBehrs. We’re less than 40 minutes from the start of our @marvinhamlisch tribute. #LFLC From LC
RT @MsTaylorBarrett: Half an hour until #Hamlisch tribute at #LincolnCenter! #TheatreNerd #LFLCLive From LC
Before we get underway, let us know what your favorite Marvin Hamlisch song is by responding using #LFLC.Live From LC
Tonight’s performers include: @NYPhil @BethBehrs @RaulEEsparza @MichaelFeinstei @MariaFriedman1…#LFLCLive From LC
More performers tonight: @LILLACRAWFORD @joshgroban @meganhilty @briandarcyjames, and our host @AudraEqualityMc #LFLCLive From LC
@broadwaybabyto Good choice. Enjoy. #LFLCLive From LC
We’ll be checking in with host (and performer tonight) @AudraEqualityMc. Keep an eye out for backstage photos. #LFLCLive From LC
We hope you enjoy the broadcast. Make sure to tweet along with us using #LFLC.Live From LC
“The Way We Were,” a project that earned @marvinhamlisch two Oscars. Do you remember what he said while accepting the award? #LFLCLive From LC
Do we have any @NBCSmash cast members watching @LiveFromLC tonight? @katharinemcphee? #LFLCLive From LC
Bookmark for later: A clip of @MarvinHamlisch discussing that famed @JuilliardSchool audition: #LFLCLive From LC
"The chemistry between the two [musicians] is what makes it great or doesn’t…” —@MarvinHamlisch on collaborating with Joshua Bell. #LFLCLive From LC
RT @nicoleloveswalt: Wouldn’t expect a duet with the ghost of Marvin Hamlisch to be a tear-jerker. But it is. #LFLCLive From LC
@UrquhartMP Depending on where you are watching the broadcast, it is live.Live From LC
Not only is @MichaelFeinstei joining us tonight, he has picked up the reigns from Marvin as the @passymphony Pops conductor. #LFLCLive From LC
.@JoshGroban has said performing on Broadway is a "big dream" of his. Perhaps he could star in a revival of The Goodbye Girl? #LFLCLive From LC
Broadway’s Smile has become a bit of a cult show. While it never received a cast album, songs were recorded. #LFLCLive From LC
It’s great to see one of Broadway’s youngest faces, @LILLACRAWFORD, join us tonight. Hi to the @AnnieonBroadway family. #LFLCLive From LC
Marvin once said, “The surprise is always listening to the other person [playing].” We’re sure he’d be surprised tonight. #LFLCLive From LC
Happy to hear! RT @kaithunt: Loving this #LFLCLive From LC
One of our favorite Kelli O’Hara moments is from her turn with @NYPhil for a production of My Fair Lady. #LFLCLive From LC
.@BethBehrs hamming it up with the @NYPhil. We love it! Any @2BrokeGirls_CBS watching tonight? #LFLCLive From LC
.@NuttyMusical features 20 songs written by Marvin and Rupert Holmes. #LFLCLive From LC
.@MarvinHamlisch had been working on @NuttyMusical for nearly six years with director Jerry Lewis. #LFLCLive From LC
A lovely moment with @nyphil paying its own special tribute to @marvinhamlisch tonight. Many tears showing up on Twitter. #LFLCLive From LC
Did you get a chance to see @briandarcyjames on Broadway in Sweet Smell of Success”? #LFLCLive From LC
We hear @clevelandclinic is watching tonight’s @MarvinHamlisch tribute. Hope you’re enjoying! #LFLCLive From LC
We bumped into @meganhilty backstage. #LFLC From LC
@JimCaruso1 Glad you’re tuning in.Live From LC
@davidruston613 Glad you could join us for another broadcast.Live From LC
.@JoshGroban is all smiles backstage tonight. #LFLC From LC
What a beautiful and emotional evening. Farewell, @MarvinHamlisch. His legacy will live on. #LFLCLive From LC
Welcome @Paper_Mill’s recent A Chorus Line cast. Love those top hats. #LFLCLive From LC
Follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for tonight’s broadcast in streaming format online later this week. #LFLCLive From LC
Happy New Year, from all of us @LiveFromLC and @LincolnCenter. #LFLCLive From LC
@GailJoyZD Her name is @LILLACRAWFORD. Wasn’t she great?Live From LC