It’s not often that my work at New York’s American Museum of Natural History intersects with the entertainment industry, so it was very exciting to work on a project for the Museum’s newest space show, Journey to the Stars. I had the opportunity to sit down with the show’s director, Carter Emmart, and produce a behind-the-scenes look at this new production at the Hayden Planetarium. As a sci-fi “geek” I’m always intrigued by space and our universe. And Journey to the Stars is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in that very subject. Journey to the Stars uses images from telescopes on the ground and in space and never-before-seen visualizations of physics-based simulations to tell about the life and death of the stars, including the Sun. Check out the video I produced for the Natural History Museum and if you are in New York City, stop by to catch this wild show. It’s even narrated by Whoopi Goldberg — herself a sci-fi personality having been in the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. For more information, visit

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