Broadway Needs a Swift Kick in the App

It's time for arts-related mobile apps to get micro, right down to the seat you're sitting in, and extend the storytelling experience through second screens. Mobile app developers have pushed the boundaries of ways users can extend their experience with entertainment content.

Meet the Scientists at the American Museum of Natural History

After more than a year of scheduling shoots, interviewing, and meticulous editing, I was able to produce 35 profiles, each featuring a different curator or assistant curator at AMNH. These videos were held back from public viewing until after the museum was able to launch its newest website design—a version of that new site launched late last month.

Winning a Webby Award

This year marked an interesting turn of events for my career, beginning with a transition from working as the senior new media specialist at the American Museum of Natural History to a new role at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. Two major non-profit institutions in New York City, each with a unique cultural impact.

Lincoln Center on Broadcastr

Shortly after starting at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, I pitched an idea to create an mobile audio experience for the campus. My idea was to give visitors a chance to hear from artists as they stood in front of a particular venue, like Alan Gilbert discussing his role as the leader of the New York Philharmonic.